Ann Ryan

Sales Associate

There's a lot to know before you sell your property, but there are 4 key factors that you really need to know.

1) Average days on market.  What's a reasonable period of time to expect your home to sell in?  

2) Is the number of days on market increasing or decreasing? If the number of average days on market is increasing, then buyers are getting more power.  If it is decreasing, you're entering a market that favors sellers more.

3) What percent of purchases are made cash?  Every seller dreams of the 30 day close cash offer for full price.  This may be reasonable in some markets, but you probably need to be prepared for both negotiation and financed offers.

4) What's the market value of my home?  Every seller thinks their property is special and should be worth more, but every buyer wants a bargain.  Set the price too high, and the home will sit unsold, increasing your frustration and decreasing your likelihood of getting top dollar.  Simply submit your home address here to get my PERSONAL analysis of the current value of the home.  Yes, you can get an estimate from Zillow, but their computers still lack the eyes necessary to know the finer points of what will affect the value of your property.