Ann Ryan

Sales Associate

What does every Seller dream of?

A cash buyer, who is willing to buy the house as is, on the perfect timeline, at more than the market value of their home.

The reality?

- Most cash buyers are investors.   They will be willing to buy the house as-is, but they're looking for a bargain.

- Regular buyers who need financing must provide enough time for the bank to close the loan, the bank demands that there are no structural, electrical, plumbing or roof problems with the property, and they will need the home to appraise at or near the sale price of the home.

Most sellers really don't want to give a 10-30% discount to sell their home to a cash buyer.  Financed deals require much more due diligence, and have a lot more issues that can derail the deal.  Both inspection issues and finance problems can derail the deal.  I am determined to do everything possible to do what is necessary to get your deal to closing.  


Ann Ryan