Ann Ryan

Sales Associate

Thinking of renting in Miami?  I'm happy to help you with that, but before I talk about renting I want to talk about BUYING.  Zillow recently reported that the breakeven point for renting vs. buying in Miami was just 1.7 years. (Click link for article)  In other words... if you're not planning on moving for at least 2 years, you should BUY not rent.  Speaking of which, this is no longer a buyers market - with multiple offers, if you want to buy, you need to be very strategic.  If you're someone who needs a mortgage, my advice is to target properties that have been on the market a while, rather than chasing short sale and foreclosure deals - why, you ask? because regular buyers regularly lose out on those deals to cash buyers.  


Renting is no easy street either.  Landlords require regular income, a good credit score, 3 months in move-in costs, and no criminal convictions.  Many rentals are also receiving multiple offers - so if you see something you like, you need to get the offer in the same day you see the property.  


There are valid reasons not to buy including: poor credit, unstable employment, family problems, medical problems, etc.  


Whatever you decide, please give me a call or send me an e-mail, I would love to help you find your new home.

Happy Hunting, 

Ann Ryan