Ann Ryan

Sales Associate

 My friends will tell you, I always seem to know the best places to eat and unusual things to do.  Here are a few of my tips for Doral.


Patagonia - Scandalously, I think they have the best empanada in Doral.  Almost as good as my mom makes!

Sushi Joes - I consider this to be the best Sushi in Doral.  They also have a fabulous lunch special.

La Sultana - Some of the best middle eastern food in Doral. 

Pepito's Plaza - Every town needs a great hot dog joint, and here it is done Venezuelan Style. 

P.F. Changs - Check out the happy hour at P.F. Changs - dim sum!


Things to Do:

Doral Dog Park - Probably the most happening thing in Doral.  I've seen 100 people there on a Sunday evening.

City of Doral Events - If you have kids, check out the Doral events. 

Spot the Manatees - So manatees like to hang out in the canals in Doral.  One recent day, I spotted no fewer than 8 manatees, happily playing.  They seem fat, healthy and relatively scarfree, but you should know that wildlife officials are monitoring them in case there's a problem. 

Check Out the International and Dolphin Malls - People-watching is my sport of choice when visiting these malls.  Look for the extreme shoppers - folks who've brought an extra suitcase to the mall to lug home their loot.  The average Brazilian visitor to Miami spends over $5000 on purchases during their visit.  Much of this may be resold to others to defray the cost of the trip.